Booking of courses is done online via, click here.

It is not possible to book by phone.

Other booking conditions can be found on the booking page.

Are you interested in having a contract time once or twice a week, please contact us at

Student discount
In order to receive a student discount, you must visit our reception before your first booking and bring your valid student ID and ID card/ drivers licence. After this you will be able to book and pay student fees via the website. Please note that at least 50% of the participants must be students in order to make use of the student discount.


If you don't have the opportunity to come by the reception to show your student- ID, you can send us a picture of it in the chat on the website. Start by creating a profile at Thereafter, send us your given- and family name, the same e-mail adress that you used on matchi and a picture of your student ID- card. (The chat is open weedkays between 9- 16).

08-15 27 00 (no bookings over the phone)

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