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Två tjejr med badmintonracketar


Frescati Series: new round!

Now it's time for the 2nd round of the Frescati Series for 2023! The series game is a single and mixed series (men and women in the same series).

Next round starts on April 15th and the last day to register is April 10th.


Procedure to register:

1. Start by register a free account at ATTN! This must be done first to access the registration form.

2. Go to the registration form and fill in the information.

3. Confirm your registration by paying the fee for the series game (SEK450). The fee includes, in addition to participation in the series, the court rental for your series matches. Registration is binding.

4. Now you are registered! More info such as match times, opponents, which series you are in, etcetera will be sent to you email (that you signed up with on a couple of days after registration has closed. 

5. Match times in the series are always outside so-called "prime time hours".

Regular match hours for the series are: Saturdays 09-10, Sundays 09-10 + 20-22

There will also be several "extra times" (early mornings and lunch time Mon-Fri) that you, in consultation with your opponent, can change to if the original match time does not suit.

More info and rules for the series can be found HERE

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