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Frescati Sports Center tak


Monday – Thursday:

06.00 -- 22.00
06.00 -- 21.00
06.00 -- 19.00
06.00 -- 22.00

Attn! The reception is unmanned 06.00 -08.45. For more information, see below under "Unmanned opening hours".


Unmanned opening hours

Frescati Sports Center is open without staff at the reception during mornings (06:00-08:45) and on occasions during parts of the day. 

The front door is locked. How do I get in?

Create an account and book your court at In your booking confirmation (the one you receive by email linked to your matchi account) there is a code consisting of four numbers and #. The code is entered on the panel next to the entrance door to open the door. The code works 30 minutes before the booked time, and 30 minutes after the start of the game time.

Why isn't the lights to my court on?

The lighting in the hall is connected to the booking system. The lighting at the courts is switched on five minutes before the scheduled time and switched off five minutes after the end of your time.


Can I rent a racket and buy a shuttle when it is unmanned?

You can rent the badminton racket, tennis racket and table tennis racket via the ipad to the right of the reception (Swish payment only). You can buy badminton shuttles (plastic only) and table tennis balls in the vending machine (Selecta) to the right of the reception. In the vending machine, you can also buy drinks, protein bars, etc.

Other equipment can only be rented/purchased during staffed opening hours.

I am a union member at Stockholm University Student Union and want to play for free?

SUS members can NOT use the "SUS deal" (free court rental) at unmanned reception, but must then book and pay. Please note that the SUS deal is not valid during the summer (19th of June - 13th of August).lay.

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