Book a tennis court in Stockholm

Frescati Sports Centers tennis court is placed in a hall where other sports are also taking place. You can play tennis, but bare in mind the court is made for training and not high level competitions. Book the court in advance through You are responsible of setting up the net before playing.

Rent a tennis court per time

In order to play tennis, you book your time slot yourself through our booking system, Matchi. Then you play whenever you want and pay for each time.

Prices for renting a tennis court













Other information

In order to get student discount, you need to show us your valid Student ID before making the first booking. Visit our reception or go to our chatt (open 9AM-5PM on weekdays) and we will help you further. Remember, to get our student prices, at least 50 % of the players needs to be students and able to show our staff their valid Student ID when asked.

You can rent rackets and purchase balls at the reception during our manned and unmanned opening hours.

Tennislessons with a tennis coach

Frescati Sports Center only rents out sports halls and courts, but there are associations arranging courses and activities in our sports center.


     Stockholm Students Sports Association - SSIF offers students, and non-students courses in tennis, visit

We have removed the restrictions on how many people can stay in our respective spaces, but we urge our customers to continue to keep their distance, shower and change at home and to stay at home if you have symptoms. The changing rooms are closed during July and August due to technical installations.