Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 06.00-23.00

Friday: 06.00-21.00

Saturday: 06.00-19.00

Sunday: 06.00-23.00

Reception opening hours

Monday – Friday: 08.30-21.00

Saturday: 09.00-19.00

Sunday: 09.00-21.00

Exceptions from the opening hours

The 5th-8th of april is E-hallen closed 08.30-16.00 and B-hallen 10.00-12.00 and13.00-15.00.

Unmanned opening hours

Frescati Sports Center is unmanned during parts of the day.

The entrance is locked during the hours when the reception is unmanned. When booking a court, you will in your confirmation e-mail, receive a code containing both digits and the letter E. Enter the code on the panel next to the door in order for it to open. The code works 30 min before your booked court and 30 min after your play time has started.

The lights in the facility are connected to the booking system. This means that the lights will be turned on 5 min before a booked court, and turned of 5 min after the booking has ended.  


If you want to rent equipment, it is possible using Swish through the ipad beside the reception, where you can rent badminton racket, table tennis racket and tennis racket. You can also purchase shuttlecocks (not feather) and tennisballs.  We have also installed a vending machine where you can purchase badmintonballs and table tennis balls as well as beverages,bars etc.

Other equipment can only be purchased /rented during manned opening hours.

Due to covid-19, a maximum of 30 people are allowed at the same time in each hall. In addition, all changing rooms are closed.