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Published: 18th of february 2021

Visit us during our unmanned opening hours

Since last year we´ve been working on installing necessary equipment to enable more bookable hours for all our sports in Frescati Sports Center. The result is our added unmanned opening hours

When you book a court for our unmanned opening hours you will get a code sent to you in the booking confirmation. Use your code to enter the facility before your time starts. The lights for your court are automatically switched on 5 min before your starting time and switched off 5 min after the time has ended.

During covid-19 we want you to be able to sport in a safe way. One of the measures we´ve taken to achieve a safer sport environment is to add a 50% discount on the court fee for our early time slots (Mon-Fri between 6 AM-9 PM). With this we want to encourage you to book times outside our "prime time" hours (when there are usually more people in the facility). Read more about measures we´ve taken during covid-19 here

To make the unmanned hours more pleasant we´ve added a vending machine (Selecta) in the facility, located right beside our reception. Here you can purchase cold beverages, protein bars, snacks, table tennis balls, boxes with shuttles for badminton and tennis etcetera. Pay via card, swish, apple pay, google pay or samsung pay.

You can also rent rackets for different sports, buy single shuttles/balls for badminton, table tennis and tennis on our standing ipad display located in front of our reception ("Swish" payment only)

For more information regarding our regular- and unmanned opening hours, discount offers etcetera, please visit www.frescatisportscenter.se



















We have now introduced a new type of value card that is available in four different categories / price ranges; The Gold Card, the Silver Card, the Bronze Card and the Iron Card.

For the three highest categories, we add a value of 15%, 10% or 5% to your card that gives you an extra value to book for. The more you buy for the more we add!

The value card can be used as a means of payment for bookings of all our sports, at all times.



The gold card 3000: - (charged with 3450 :-) 15% extra to book times for.

The silver card 2000: - (charged with 2200 :-) 10% extra to book times for.

The bronze card 1000: - (charged with 1050 :-) 5% extra to book times for.

The iron card SEK 500 (charged with SEK 500)


You book your times as usual in Matchi, and then use the value card as a means of payment. The card is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

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Due to covid-19, a maximum of 30 people are allowed at the same time in each hall. In addition, all changing rooms are closed.