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Kille spelar badminton

Wellness allowance

Use your wellness allowance at Frescati Sports Center!

Do you have your wellness allowance through Epassi?

You can only purchase punch cards through epassi (can be used for badminton and table tennis). You make the purchase through your epassi account, then create an account in Matchi (if you don't have one, and then send us an email at and we will add the punch card to your Matchi profile.

If you don't have Epassi?

Then you can either purchase a punch card, book a time slot yourself through Matchi (for any sport!) or pay for a contracted time slot. After the purchase you can hand in the receipt to your employer. You can find receipts on your matchi profile. If you need any help with a receipt, for a contracted time slot for example - just send an email to and we can help you out. You can also contact the same address for more information concerning contracted time slots. 

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