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Available contracted time slots autumn 2023

Would you like to play every week? Then a contracted time slot might be something for you!

The contracted time slots for next period is week 33-02.

Send an e-mail to if you wish to book a contracted time slot, or if you have any questions!


E-HALLEN (Futsal, basketball, volleyball etc.)

Mondays         06.00-08.30,16.00--17.00,20.00-21.00,22.00--23.00

Tuesdays         06.00-08.00,20.00--23.00

Wednesdays    06.00-08.30,20.00-21.00,22.00--23.00

Thursdays        06.00-08.30,17.30-18.30,22.00--23.00

Fridays            06.00-08.00,16.00--17.00,18.30-21.00

Saturdays        06.00--10.00,14.00--15.00,16.30--19.00

Sundays          06.00-09.00,22.00-23.00



Mondays         06.00-09.00,12.00-13.00,16.00--17.00,22.00--23.00

Tuesdays          06.00-11.00,12.00-14.00,16.00--18.00,21.00--23.00

Wednesdays    06.00-11.00,13.00--18.00,22.00--23.00

Thursdays        06.00-11.00,15.00--18.00,22.00--23.00

Fridays            06.00-13.00,16.00--21.00

Saturdays        there are available slots all day

Sundays          there are available slots all day



Mondays        06.00--18.00,20.00--23.00

Tuesdays         06.00--18.00,21.00--23.00

Wednesdays   06.00--19.00,20.00--23.00

Thursdays       06.00--19.00,20.00-23.00

Friday -- Sunday there are available slots all day

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