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Rules and information

FSC series badminton
Badminton turnering


  • In a series, you will be divided into a group with a total of 5-6 players. Number of groups is based on the number of definitely registered. 

  • You will play one game against each player in your series. Players are guaranteed at least 4 games each per series. 

  • Court fees are included in the fee for the series. 

  • One game per week  

  • Matchdays- Saturdays and Sundays early in the morning (08:00-10:00) and late in the afternoon (16:00-18:00), with extra hours Monday-Friday during the day and late in the evening. 

  • Shuttlecocks - The "home player" (check the schedule on backhandsmash) is responsible for bringing shuttlecocks. We play with new shuttles of good quality, the shuttles are approved by the opponents before the start of the match. 

  • In the highest division we use real shuttlecocks. 

  • You judge the match yourself to the best of your ability. Feel free to use the short description of rules that are at the bottom of this text. 

  • The results are entered on by yourself (talk to each other so that it is always done) 

  • When all matches have been played, top two players advance to a higher series and bottom two are moved down to a lower series.  
    If two players has the same amount of points in the end of a series, the set difference is counted in first place, the ball difference in the second place and the mutual meeting in the third place. 

  • To make the series as even as possible, certain promotion and relegation rules can be temporarily waived. For example, a new high-level player may be "deployed" in a higher series from the beginning. A player who has clearly ended up several series too high may need to be corrected down after the series has ended. 


    Match rules 

  • Warm-up/bolling in: max 5 minutes 

  • Each match has a total of 60 minutes time on court (incl. balling) 

  • A match is played in 3 sets, first to 21 points in a set. ATT! You always play 3 sets (even if the score is 2-0). 

  • If it were to be 20 equal, a side would have to win by two balls. However, you can play a maximum of 30 points. A set can be won 30-29.  

  • Points are awarded after each duel played.  

  • The match is over when three sets are played, or when the time is up.  



  • In each match, players share a total of 6 points (except in w.o.)  

  • 2 points per set won  

  • 1 point each at equal position in unfinished set   

  • 1 point each for a set that hasn´t been played.  

  • 1 point each at the lead by only 1 point, in the unfinished set (counts as a draw).   

  • When the time is up, the ball does not count.  



  • If a player “gives up”, the opponent wins on w.o. (Walk over), giving 4 points to the "winner" and 0 points to the player leaving w.o.  

  • Where players fail to notify w.o. to the opponent, the opponent who fails score -2 points and the opponent +4 points 

  • If participants have to leave w.o. or cannot play, the opponent has the right to dispose of the regular game hour.  


There are several rules on how a proper serve should be performed. The main rules are as follows:  

1. At the moment of service, the ball must be hit clearly below the server's waist.  
2. The racket head must point completely or obliquely downwards the floor when hitting the serve.  
3. The service shall be carried out with a movement without stopping.  
4. To be approved, the ball must reach or go past the front serve line (see sketch) and end up within the respective        serve box. 

Whoever is going to start serving in a match stands in the right serve box and serves diagonally. Neither the server     nor the person receiving the serve may stand on any line. If the servicer has even scores (0, 2, 4, etc.), the player       serves from the right box and in case of uneven score, the player serves from the left box. When single, the inner         sidelines and the back short lines are used both on serve and during play.  

Kombinerad singel- och dubbelbana. Serve bana.
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