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Frescati Sports Center

Frescati Sports Center is a sports facility in Stockholm located at Stockholm University where you can rent a sports hall to play floorball, football or volleyball. You can also book a court for badminton, tennis, mini tennis or table tennis. You can either play when you feel like it, or have a contract period where you play the same time each week. We rent out the equipment you may need and we also have changing rooms available. The facility also has a newly renovated gym, run by Fitness24Seven.

Covid-19 and restrictions

Uppdated: 23 december 2021


Frescati Sports Center will be open according to our normal opening hours, but takes the situation with the spread of covid-19 very seriously.


  • Only 3 persons are allowed in each changing room, but all customers are asked to, if possible, to change and shower at home.

  • The number of visitors to the facility (excluding Fitness24Seven) is limited to 300. With a maximum number of visitors, this still means that we stay, with the very wide margin, under the regulations 1 visitor per 10 sqm. The maximum number of visitors per hall will be clearly stated with signs in the facility.​

  • We have installed protective glass around the reception to make sure there will be distance between staff and vistors.

  • You as a visitor must also wash your hands thoroughly before and after you have trained with us. We already have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the facility.

  • We urge all customers to keep a distance of at least 2 meters.

  • There can be a maximum of 4 people per booked badminton court.

  • You should not come to the facility if you have been with a person who has diagnosed covid-19. You should also not come if you have signs of a respiratory infection, sore throat, fever or the common cold.


We have extra regular daily surface disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and stair railings.

We also disinfect our rental rackets after each use.​


Fitness24Seven and SSIF will inform separately about their strategy.


If you have questions, send an e-mail to info@frescatisportscenter.se

We encourage our customers to keep their distance, shower and change at home and to stay at home if you have symptoms.