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Frescati Sports Center

Frescati Sports Center is a sports facility in Stockholm located at Stockholm University. Here you can rent a sports hall to play floorball, football or volleyball and you can also book a court for badminton, tennis or table tennis. You can either play when you feel like it, or have a contract period where you play the same time each week. We rent out the equipment you may need and we also have changing rooms with saunas. The facility also has a newly renovated gym, run by Fitness24Seven.


Update to our customers after the new covid-19 restrictions in Stockholm

Published: October 30

Frescati Sports Center will be open according to our normal opening hours, but takes the situation with the increased spread of covid-19 very seriously. We are constantly updated on the Public Health Agency's advice and are prepared to reconsider our decision on new restrictions and advice given.

To allow our customers to use our facility in a safe way, the following applies:

- We limit the number of customers in the facility by offering significantly fewer bookings for our entire range.

- Customers who choose to visit us during low-frequency visiting hours receive a 50% discount on regular prices Mondays-Sundays  from 06:00 to 09:00, Mondays-Thursdays from 22:00 to 23:00 and Sundays from 22:00 to 23:00.

- We change courses for existing contract customers (badminton) so that, as far as possible, there will be an empty court next to you.

- The sauna is closed.

- Every other shower will be turned off.

- We have many changing rooms, but we set a maximum of 5 people in the same changing room at the same time (and ask everyone  to follow this). Preferably we see that you change and shower at home.

- You as a visitor must also wash your hands thoroughly before and after you have trained with us. We already have hand sanitizing  stations located throughout the facility.

- We urge all customers to keep a distance of at least 2 meters.

- There can be a maximum of 4 people per booked badminton court.

- You should not come to the facility if you have been with a person who has diagnosed covid-19. You should also not come if you  have signs of a respiratory infection, sore throat, fever or the common cold.


We have extra regular daily surface disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and stair railings. We also disinfect our rental rackets after each use.

Contract holder

The contract runs as usual, but you who have questions contact us via info@frescatisportscenter.se

Unmanned opening hours

Published: September 25

Frescati Sports Center is unmanned during parts of the day.

The entrance is locked during the hours when the reception is unmanned. When booking a court, you will in your confirmation e-mail, receive a code containing both digits and the letter E. Enter the code on the panel next to the door in order for it to open. The code works 30 min before your booked court and 30 min after your play time has started.

The lights in the facility are connected to the booking system. This means that the lights will be turned on 5 min before a booked court, and turned of 5 min after the booking has ended.  


If you want to rent equipment, it is be possible using Swish at the reception, where you can rent a badminton racket and purchase shuttlecocks (not feather). Other equipment can only be purchased /rented during manned opening


No black shoe soles in the facility

Published: September 25

It is forbidden to use shues with black soles / soles that leaves marks on the floors.

08-15 27 00 (no bookings over the phone)

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