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Frescati Sports Center

Frescati Sports Center is a sports facility in Stockholm located at Stockholm University. Here you can rent a sports hall to play floorball, football or volleyball and you can also book a court for badminton, tennis or table tennis. You can either play when you feel like it, or have a contract period where you play the same time each week. We rent out the equipment you may need and we also have changing rooms available. The facility also has a newly renovated gym, run by Fitness24Seven.


Update covid-19

Published: 4th of june 2021

New restrictions

Frescati Sports Center will be open according to our normal opening hours, but we are taking the situation of covid-19 very seriously.

According to the latest desicions made by the public health department and the government concerning Covid-19 we have made the following decisions:

-   All changing rooms and showers are closed until further notice.

-   The number of visitors in our facility (excluding Fitness 24Seven) is limited to 200 persons. In the A-, B-, C-, D- and E-hall there can't be more than 30 persons/hall in each hall. In the grouptraining hall (SSIF Studio) there can't be more than 10 persons at the same time. Considering our facility is more than 6000 sqm, we are following all reccomendations.

We have also:

-   Installed glass in the reception to protect guests and our staff

-   All visitors must wash hands carefully and use santitizer, we have placed a number of stations with sanitizer around the facility.

-   We encourage all customers to stay 2 meters away from each other.

-   Max 4 persons on each court.

-   You should not come to our facility if you have met someone with covid-19 or if you have any signs of an ongoing infection.

We are cleaning all surfaces on a regular basis, and we are also cleaning all rental rackets after every use.


If you have any further questions, contact us on info@frescatisportscenter.se.

Contract holders

All contracts are ongoing as usual, if you have any questions, contact info@frescatisportscenter.se

We finally released available time slots for the autumn!

Published: June 1st 2021

We have some really good time slots available for the autumn, so have a look and send an e-mail tu us if you are interested!


Guld, Silver, Brons och Järnkort

Publicerat: 12 januari 2021

Nu säljer vi även värdekort i Matchi!

Dessa kort kan användas för bokning av samtliga sporter, i alla hallar, alla tider!

Guldkort kostar 3000 kr, men du får 20% extra att köpa tider för, dvs 3450 kr

Silverkort kostar 2000 kr, men du får 15% extra att köpa tider för, dvs 2200 kr

Bronskort kostar 1000 kr, men du får 5% extra att köpa tider för, dvs 1050 kr

Järnkort kostar 500 kr

Värdekorten är bra på så sätt att du dels får mer för pengarna. Dels slipper du även betala vid varje tillfälle, och kanske kan det underlätta för dig om du vill använda ditt friskvårdsbidrag?

Due to covid-19, a maximum of 30 people are allowed at the same time in each hall. In addition, all changing rooms are closed.