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Book a floorball court in Frescati Sports Center, Stockholm

Bring your friends and play a fun game of floorball! You can play floorball in three different halls - A, B or E. There are rims around the floorball courts (in hall A and B) and goals in three different sizes are available. 

Prices for renting a floorball court








410: -

680: -

630: -







The price "student" and "other" is for playing without a contract. "Contract" is the price for each time when having a contracted time slot.


Rent a floorball stick: 40:- (only during manned opening hours)

Balls are available to purchase at the reception. (only during manned opening hours)

Student discount

In order to get student discount, you need to show us your valid Student ID before making the first booking. Visit our reception or open the chat on our website and we will help you further. Remember, to get our student prices, at least 50 % of the players on the court needs to be students and able to show our staff their valid Student ID when asked.

Rent a floorball court at contract time

You can choose to​ rent a floorball court on a contract. This means that you play the same time every week for a whole semester, and that you pay for the whole period in advance. You can either have the contracted period between January-June (week 03-24) or between August-Jan (week 33-02). Send an e-mail to if you are interested in a contract time.

Rent a floorball court without a contract

You can also book a floorball court to play per time/per hour. Create a profile through our booking system Matchi ( Then you can book and play whenever you want and pay for each time directly through Matchi. 

Nobody to play with?

Frescati Sports Center only rents out sports halls and courts, but there are associations arranging courses and activities in our sports center.


Stockholm Students Sports Association - SSIF offers students, and non-students training sessions in floorball, visit

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